San Carlos

San Carlos, “The City of Good Living”, aims for a “small town” feel. Its main downtown area is composed mostly of small shops and restaurants.

The quality of life here is top rated with outstanding schools, excellent services for youth and seniors, and wonderful recreation and educational activities for all ages. The City also boasts of an unusually low crime rate. In the last few years citizens overwhelmingly endorsed bond issues to build a beautiful library and to upgrade local parks. A volunteer effort, spearheaded by San Carlos Rotary Club, was responsible for the conceptualization and building of an extensively used Youth Center.

A delightful downtown that includes a mix of excellent restaurants and unique shops. Laurel Avenue has evolved into one of the more popular areas in the County, with merchants clamoring for space among busy boutiques.

San Carlos is home to San Carlos Airport and two museums. Located downtown, the San Carlos History Museum is dedicated to the display of the history of the town from early native American history to the space age. This museum is open every Saturday from 1pm to 4pm. The Hiller Air Museum, a museum specializing in helicopter and aviation history, which contains a replica of the first aircraft to fly, the aircraft with the longest recorded wingspan, and the nose section of a Boeing 747.